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Holistic care and root-cause analysis

In this video, our newest GP Dr Hil Yin Choi explains his holistic approach to care and the process of root-cause analysis.

Below is a transcript of the video presentation:

"My approach to practice is what I call holistic health care.

When I talk about holistic health care, I often talk about the breadth of care as well as the depth of care.

Breadth of care refers to systemically assessing and treating the multiple key areas that make up the whole person. Depending on the situation, this may mean looking at someone's gut health and the gut microbiome, thyroid health, hormone health, musculoskeletal health and mental health.

Depth of care refers to looking at the same problem with different lenses. From one perspective this may mean looking at a problem from a public health or preventative perspective, on a more individual level I use an approach called root-cause analysis.

Root-cause analysis is the process of finding the underlying cause and drivers of disease and prioritising treatment of that. This is in contrast to a symptomatic or "band aid" approach, which is still an important aspect of health care but obviously doesn't lead to long lasting health benefits."

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