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BChiroSc, MChiro

Brenton Husodo is an experienced chiropractor who delivers care that is personalised, respectful and honest.

He has expertise in a variety of hands-on treatment therapies. These range from adjustments and manual muscle releases, to gua sha (scraping) and cupping. These are combined with advanced rehabilitation exercises to produce real and lasting results.

He delves into the root cause of your existing condition, rather than giving a bandaid solution. He will educate you to develop into a better person through his therapies. 

Chiro Brenton Husodo: About Us


​Improve quality of life, posture and restore optimum health

Balance, strength and mobility rehabilitation to reduce recovery time, and prevent injuries and falls

Improve sleep quality by assessing ideal sleep positions, pillow ergonomics and the bedroom environment

Discuss self-care routines developing healthy habits, daily rehabilitation exercises and ergonomic advice

Eliminate tension headaches associated with stress and neck pain

Advise on modifications of daily life activities for pain free movement

Decrease pain and reduce muscle tension 

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Brenton has expertise in a number of treatment techniques and services including:

Adjustments | Mobilisations | Traction

Mulligan Belt Mobilisations

Activator | Drop Piece

Cupping | Gua sha (scraping) | Percussion

Massage | Manual Muscle Release

Post-Isometric Relaxation (PIR)

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) 

Balance, Strength & Mobility Rehab

Wobble Board | Balance Beam

Resistance Band | Bodyweight Work

Breath & Meditative work 

Postural & Ergonomic Advice

Activity Of Daily Living Modification Advice

Specialised Seniors Care

Brenton will work with you to decide what type of treatment is best suited for your body and condition. If you prefer a certain type of technique, just let him know!


Acute & Chronic Pain

Painful Joints | Muscle Care 

Joint Range of Motion & Mobility 

Balance, Strength & Flexibility/mobility Problems 

General Rehabilitation

Posture Care, Health Advice & Ergonomics

Sprains | Strains

Tension Headaches | Dizziness

Frozen Shoulder | Shoulder Impingements

Hip Impingements | Hip Bursitis

Hip & Knee Replacement Care

Tennis Elbow | Golfer's Elbow

Sports Injuries

Past Injury Complications

Sports | Past Injuries & Complications


Poor Sleep Quality

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Brenton has developed a specialised plan for senior health that can be tailored to your needs. This includes focusing on: 

Treatment of Acute and/or Chronic Pain

Gentle Massage | Light Mobilisations | Traction

Balance Exercises to Reduce Falls Risk

Strength to Build Stability

Mobility to Improve Range Of Motion

Common conditions this is suited for include:

General Rehabilitation

Sciatica | Disc Care

Overall Joint Degeneration

Hip Impingement | Bursitis

Shoulder Impingment (Frozen Shoulder) | Bursitis

Tension Headaches | Migraines | Dizziness 

Overal Balance, Strength & Mobility improvements 

Sleep Quality Improvements

Replacement Hip & Knee Care

Advice, Ergonomics & Postural Care

Chiro Brenton Husodo: Services
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Philosophy of Brenton's Treatment

Balance to Reduce Falls Risk

Strength to Build Stability 

Mobility to Improve Range of Motion

Therapy with Range of Techniques

Adjustments to Realign the Joints

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